Document, The Ladylee Furnace Project,  

 90 inches high x 122 inches deep x 102 inches wide      

Delft Cut, a narrative, 2014, cast iron and bronze, 19” high x 65” long, 84.5 lbs., seven panels joined by driven bronze wedges, for the wall


Landscape, Bronze, wood     

Iron into Iron 2

From the X Series, Bronze secured to wood with iron wedges, 1994     

Horizon Lines, four bronze panels on wood structure, commissioned for the Admiral's Club, American Airlines, Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, 1996

Untitled, from the Landscape Series, cast bronze, approx. 60 inches long x 32 inches wide  x 3 inched deep, mid to late  1980’s

Landscape for Chase, Bronze and Nickel Bronze, Approx. 16 feet wide x 9 feet high x 8 inches deep, Chase Corporate Center, Birmingham, AL

Study for Bascom, 2011, cast iron and bronze, 30 ½“high X 69 ¾” long, seven panels joined by driven bronze wedges, for the wall

Map for Lony Holly's New Land  


Willow Furnace, an account

From Bishop On, Cast Bronze 41 inches high x 36 inches wide x 4 ½ inches deep 

Key Attachment, Bronze, Cast Iron      

Drawing from Oxbow, cast Iron and bronze, 98.5 inches wide x 30 inches high, x approx.4 inches deep.        

Window Series-Edgewood, from the collection of Andree Schnabl, 27” h  x 40” v x approx.. 3’ d