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Biographical Sketch

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       George Beasley was born in Ironton, Ohio in 1943. He earned a B.F.A degree at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1967 and a M.F.A. degree at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1970.  Beasley then joined the faculty of Georgia State University. He received the International Sculpture Center’s 1st Outstanding Sculpture Educator Award in 1996. In 2007 he was recognized as a “Regent’s Professor of Fine Art by the University System of Georgia and has retired as “Regent’s Professor Emeritus.” In 2015 He also received the Master’s Lifetime Achievement Award by the Midsouth Sculpture Alliance. Beasley’s exhibit record includes 10 one person and 94 group shows, 57 of which were invitational. His work is found, internationally, in 28 major private, corporate, and institutional collections.

       Inspiration, for imagery in his sculpture and drawings, has been developed through research into Celtic influences on European foundry history and practice. Issues of sociology, as molded by immigration patterns in the iron industry, have had a profound effect on this research.

       Over the course of his career, 22 Site-specific furnace installations have been built to substantiate this research. They are at first performances, enabling the viewer to briefly experience the “dance” of iron making. The structures might remain, giving visual testimony to the event. However, the structures are sometimes consumed as part of the performance. A series of cast bronze and iron sculptures and carbon-based drawings have been made that derive their inspiration and composition from these events. They often serve as documents, containing notations on the surface using Ogham markings and Gallic verse.

       Presently, George and his wife, Judy, divide their time between residences in Atlanta and in Northeast Scotland.

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