Iron Furnace Performances

Elemental Attraction: an interview with George Beasley 

Iron Lines

Willow Furnace, fire, cast iron, willow, clay & stone, Ironbridge, England, a performance event sponsored by the International Conference on Cast Iron Art and the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, night of April 8.

Meitheamh Transfer at Pedvāle, Installation and Performance ire, cast iron, willow, clay & stone, performed on the night of June 23, 2014, Pedvale Open Air museum, Sabile, Latvia, sponsored by the International Conference on Cast Iron Art and the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.  (a collaborative work with Matt Toole)

OSO Bay Biennale XVI, Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi, TX, March 1 - 6, 2010

Installation and Performance of “Palm Furnace,” Caution Beach, night of March 5, 2010

The Split Log Furnace Project, Crabtree Farm, Grand Bluff, Michigan, Night of May 7,


Boundaries, performance / installation at the Deskry Water, Clashnettie, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, June 8, 2001. In collaboration with Helen Denerly of Strathdon, Scotland, 

Running Iron, Homage to Goldsworthy in Grisedale Forest, Southern Illinois

University at Edwardsville, IL, Sept. 26, 1998

Snow Fence, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1989

Iron Line Across, cast iron, earth, aluminum, Atlanta, Georgia, mid 1970’s

Rough-cut X, Tulane University, New Orleans Louisiana, 1998

Birds Nest Furnace, wood, stone, clay, fire and iron. Auburn, Alabama, 2001

Slat Pit Platform, wood structure furnace over slag pit at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, Birmingham, Alabama, 1994 2nt. National Conference On Contemporary Cast Iron Art

Foundry, performance event/ installation,  wood, steel clay fire and water, King Plow Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia, night of June 29, 1996. Assisted by Peter Smith, Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland